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Furthering mutual insurance through technology

We help mutual insurers offer their members a unified experience of trust, credibility & efficiency.

Faster product launch. Superior member & agent experiences.

Our Services

20+ years of expertise

That’s how long we’ve been helping mutual insurers attract, acquire and retain members for life. Our HD insurance solutions enhance your digital footprint, adopt a member-first approach, leverage ecosystem partnerships and make informed, data-driven decisions for the mutual benefit of your members, agents and organization.

Launch new programs at scale. Educate your prospective members and on-board them effortlessly. Ensure their continued loyalty with personalized risk solutions, all while intelligently managing your internal operations.

Our Services

A win-win situation for you & your members

Profitably retain members

Launch compliance & specialized insurance programs faster

Venture into new markets

Leverage data to better manage your members and agents

Drive member engagement

Streamline your internal operations

Let’s redefine the world of mutual insurance

Our HD insurance products & solutions help you gain better operational insights, maintain your competitive edge and enhance the customer experience while keeping your operational costs down.

Content designed to connect

We have put our 20+ years of insurance expertise toward building awareness products tailored for the P&C industry. This helps you create powerful, jargon-free content that holds the attention of potential members.

Our products help you level up your SEO/SEM initiatives and boost your social media growth while staying member-focused & on-brand.

Fast self-service on-boarding

Implement a fast check-in/check-out process to capture your member’s purchase when their intent to buy is at its peak. On-board agents fast with automated license checks & real-time collaboration.

Help your members manage risk through tailored insurance & value-added solutions. Equip your agents with educational content & empower them to become trusted advisors to your members.

Capabilities include

Automated appetite checks

Personalized product recommendations

Simplified submission-to-quote journeys

Multi-line quoting

Prefill & loss-run APIs

E-sign & e-pay APIs

Stay current with your business and your members

Get a 360-degree view of members, agents and partners and identify opportunities for deeper engagement. Drive loyalty by delivering personalized risk advice and product recommendations at the best time for your members. Elevate customer experience by providing instant access to information.

Self-service portal

Agent-360 view

Distribution-360 view

Member-360 view

Cross-sell & up-sell opportunities

Personalized recommendations

Intelligently increase your efficiency

Drive every aspect of your internal & external operations and increase your efficiency across all of your organizational functions, including product, sales, underwriting, pricing, engagement, claims, reserving, compliance and financial reporting. Leverage modern data & analytics tools to make informed decisions for the mutual benefit of your organization, members & agents.

Data management in the cloud

Pre-built, ACORD-based data models

Ready-made BI & visualization tools

Rich library of KPIs

Our products & solutions

Data & BI

Pre-built data warehouse models & BI reports give you a comprehensive understanding of your core business functions - sales, product management, underwriting, marketing, audit, compliance & claims.
Easy extensibility.
Rapid implementation.

Program/product builder

No-code platforms to launch your programs as soon as you conceive them and tailor them to your target markets. Out-of-the-box product templates fromISO, AAIS & NCCI to meet your speed to market imperatives.
Increased speed to market.
Ready-to-launch products.

Tailored quoting application

Low-code studios to create a fast, frictionless quoting experience for your members, agents & underwriters. Pre-built quote experience templates for multiple commercial lines of business, plus out-of-the-box third party integrations to accelerate data entry & underwriting.
Quote fast.
Book first.

Tailored rating application

Our platform empowers mutual insurers to price smartly. With OwlSurance, you stay ahead of the competition by leveraging ready-to-use products & rates, scenario analysis & more. product helps you configure complex rate plans with ease. You can launch and distribute innovative products at scale within a few days.
Rate fast.
Book first.

Our products allow mutual insurers to reuse product content.
Create once and reuse instead of re-engineering.

Why OwlSurance?

We channel our 20+ years of industry learnings into creating tools & technologies that
provide you with a competitive edge in today’s P&C market.

Ready-to-use product components

You can easily configure our products to a specific market need or use ready-to-implement content from bureaus such as AAIS, ISO & NCCI.

Faster integration

Our products can be easily integrated with your existing systems including core systems, underwriting, sales, CRM & admin, plus anything you may use in the future.

Easy distribution

Digital agility allows you to launch programs at scale & distribute across channels, systems & portals using comprehensive APIs.

Updated content library

All of our product content related to rating, quoting and data & analytics is updated based on the most recent market & business data.

Product agility

We understand the value of seizing an opportunity. You can launch products faster - within a few days, depending on the product configuration.

Code-free configuration

Designed for business, by businesspeople, our platform is easy to use. No need to learn code or script. All you need to define products is the insurance knowledge you already have.

Regulatory & statutory compliant

The content library of our products is configured to each state’s program requirements and statutory regulations. These contents are periodically updated to incorporate the most recent guidelines.

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