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Fast quotes for AAIS lines.
zero implementation

Get accurate price indications for AAIS Commercial Output & Inland Marine Guide in less than 2 minutes with OwlSurance Quote Management for AAIS.

OwlSurance Quote Management for AAIS is a multi-line quote application that helps AAIS members deliver fast, accurate quotes in just a few clicks. With an easy-to-use, intuitive user experience, even large complex risks can be rated with ease.

Supported lines of business: Commercial Output & Inland Marine

4-step quoting process with built-in enforcement of underwriting & rating guidelines for all states supported by AAIS.

Commercial Output Program



Equipment Breakdown



Inland Marine Guide

Builders’ Risk

Motor Truck Cargo

Contractors’ Equipment

Installation Floater

Scheduled Property Floater


Electronic Data Processing

Warehouse Legal Liability


Key capabilities

Quote Dashboard

Instantly access, search, retrieve and sort all your quote transactions from one place.

Data & Reports

Detailed rating worksheets, on demand & automated monthly bordereaux extracts in multiple file formats for easy ingestion into the back-end systems.

Secure Cloud Hosting

Powered by Microsoft Azure. SOC2 and PCI compliant with daily backups and redundant data storage.

Sales Proposals

Branded, elegant, easy-to-read quote proposals with simplified quotation summaries.

Guided Flows

Users are guided through out quote process, while the system enforces validations and provides help along the way.

Ongoing Bulletin Updates

Rates, rules and forms kept current & compliant with the latest bulletin updates along with easy-to-read release documentation.

Designed for speed and accuracy

Schedule Uploads

Save data entry time & accelerate time to quote by importing schedule of risk locations & loss history information from spreadsheet.

Location Pre-Fills

Prebuilt integration with google location search services for address look ups & pre-fills, at app times in the application workflow.

Coverage & Form Selections

State effective date & risk characteristics enforcement of AAIS underwriting guidelines to drive coverage & form selection.

Premium Calculations

State, effective date based premium calculations. Downloadable worksheets provide summary and detail view of calculations.

Standard Rate Modifiers

Users can manually input LCMs, territory, underwriting relativities, and refer to company rates to establish manual premium.

Manual Price Adjustments

Adjustments to AAIS manual premium can be performed at all coverage, risk or policy levels. This helps us to arrive at a final premium.

Intuitive, informative dashboards & reports

Activity Dashboard

Snapshot view of transactional activity provides critical summary level information about quotes.

Quick Search

Users can instantly retrieve quote transactions by using unstructured or structured search techniques.

Bordereaux Report

Real-time and scheduled monthly extraction of quote transactions in excel format.

Simple, efficient & elegant user experience

Zero training required to instantly quote AAIS lines

Page Validations

Validations performed keep users notified at every step in the quoting process to ensure accurate data capture.

Help Texts

Informative description of data capture fields that provide users more context about what to input or select.

Access to AAIS Manuals

Redirection to AAIS Direct for instant access to multi-state or state-exception manuals and form library.

Branded Sales Proposals

Elegant, professional sales proposals branded to your company that are easy to read and understand.

Rating Worksheet

Easy to understand rating worksheets that provide summarized and detailed view of premium calculations.

Speed & reliability you can count on

We are an integral part of your customer sales process and recognize that responsibility. That’s why we partner with Microsoft to provide a fast, reliable and secure infrastructure for our quoting platform.


Automated Daily Backups


Multi-Factor Authentication

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