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Cloud solutions

Unlock flexibility and scalability for your business models and ecosystem partnerships with our modern technology platform, data capabilities and cloud gateways.

Tailored apps & portals for every user

Super framework for building and managing apps & portals

Drive business growth and nurture strong customer relationships with feature-rich and user-friendly apps. Our powerful framework simplifies the development and management of apps and portals, ensuring a seamless experience across channels and devices. Empower your agents, customers, and employees with tailor-made apps and portals with our solution. Deliver exceptional user engagement and unlock the full potential of your organization.

Community engagement

App stack for engagement with target affinity groups

Boost engagement and build strong relationships with target affinity groups using Instagram-like app stacks that provide a customer experience similar to social media. Our customer-focused digital solutions help you power to fuel revenue growth and increase profitability by implementing creative community engagement strategies. With our user-friendly tools, you can create an exciting and interactive environment that captures the attention of your target audience, encourages meaningful interactions and drives business success.

Content publishing & presence

WP Suite to create, edit, manage and publish content to websites and segment/social sites

With our digital presence solutions, we offer a user-friendly and customized set of tools equipped with intuitive features that enable MGAs, MGUs, small mutual carriers and wholesale distributors to effortlessly create, publish and oversee their online presence. Our services are designed to meet the unique needs of insurance companies, offering modern website development and management, unified content management, community engagement and unified communications. Take control of your website and other digital properties and enjoy seamless management of your content.

Case/workflow & task automation

Tech stack for automating cases, workflows and tasks

Drive team collaboration and streamline operations by seamlessly connecting workflows, sharing content, and ensuring effortless data access across your organization. With our automation solutions, empower your users with information, alerts and notifications, and give them the ability to contribute data, decisions and tasks. Monitor performance metrics and achieve greater consistency within teams, minimizing information gaps and inefficiencies.

Cloud operations & management

CMP and automations

Our team of experienced CMP and automation experts provide end-to-end support for cloud resource provisioning, monitoring, optimization and management. Whether you are just starting your cloud journey or looking to optimize your existing setup, our dedicated expertise and experience will help you succeed. Count on us to manage and simplify your cloud resources and infrastructure so you can focus on your business goals with confidence.

API management & managed integrations

APIs, gateways and service integrations with core systems, all in the cloud

OwlSurance provides the infrastructure, intelligence and industry-ready APIs and gateways to seamlessly integrate your systems and partners. Our rapid integrations, including a continuously evolving library of pre-integrations, make it easy to manage your partnerships and expand your distribution through digital channels. With our deep understanding of the P&C insurance, we can help you develop integration capabilities that will give you a competitive edge, streamline your operations and improve your decision-making.

Cloud data management,
BI & analytics

Industry data models and BI semantic models, automated pipelines, transformations and APIs

Our data & analytics services provide a unified framework for acquiring and managing various data sources, encompassing both consumer-centric information and business operations. This empowers your teams to tap into valuable data resources, enabling them to make informed decisions, enhance agility and extract the maximum business value out of your existing data as well as external sources. Fuel your business with advanced data capabilities and provide your team with interactive business intelligence, visualization tools and report creation capabilities.

Solutions for insurance commerce

The HD insurance solutions offer rapid speed-to-market outcomes, fast quotes and self-service coverage purchase journeys for agents & customers.

Quote Management

Empower your agents with fast & frictionless quote journeys. Help them lock in the customer's interest by instantly unlocking a bindable or indicative price.

Verisk ISOTM Rater

Out-of-box rating content & simplified quoting experience for ISO lines of business. Launch products & programs faster and stay current & compliant with updates.

AAIS Rater

Get fast & accurate rate indications for AAIS Commercial Output & Inland Marine Guide in under 2 minutes. Always kept current with latest bulletin updates.

Rating Engine

Build once & distribute at scale. Perform what-if rate change analysis. Benchmark your premium against AAIS, ISO & NCCI rates.

Document capture automation & document management

Digitize forms & feed workflows; streamline document management & sharing

We understand the importance of efficient document management and storage in optimizing your operations and maintaining your competitive edge. That’s why we provide a robust document management system tailored to automate repetitive tasks, enhance data security and address common business challenges for insurance businesses. Our system simplifies processes by organizing and connecting documents, enabling seamless and secure access for multiple users across different devices in order to streamline operations and boost productivity.

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