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Cloud-Native, Zero-Code Rating Platform

Configure complex rate plans with ease with OwlSurance Rating. Launch & distribute innovative products at scale. Empower your business to price smartly & stay ahead of the competition by leveraging ready-to-use products & rates, scenario analysis & more.


Benefits of OwlSurance Rating

For over 20 years, OwlSurance has been providing insurers with end-user-friendly studios and data & analytics to launch new products instantly & optimize them at an unprecedented scale. Our rating platform, OwlSurance Rating, is built with the promise to empower your business with the Power of 4.

Speed to Market

With our cloud-native solution you can go live within months. Our no-code platform allows you to rapidly build products from scratch or by reusing pre-built products.

Ease of Maintenance

Manage all aspects of the product lifecycle configuration with us. Create new rate plan versions, invite stakeholders to review and deploy them instantly.

Market-Relevant Pricing

Perform what-if rate-change analysis on your book of business. Benchmark rates against ISO, AAIS & NCCI rates, run scenario analysis and price accurately.

Anywhere Distribution

Empower your agents and customers to transact business anytime, anywhere by exposing your products and rates as a service. Build once, then distribute at scale.

Product shots

No-Code Product Development | Reusable Content | Pricing Insights | Rating Services | Rule Services | Form Services

Fast, accurate & insightful rate development

At OwlSurance, we don't just offer user-friendly tools to configure products and rates. We also provide implementation-ready content from bureaus such as AAIS, ISO & NCCI. We empower your business to benchmark and perform what-if impact analysis on your book of business to make better strategic decisions.

Code-Free Configuration

Designed for business, by businesspeople, our platform is easy to use. No need to learn code or script. All you need to define products is the insurance knowledge you already have.

Collaborative Development

At the early stages of the product configuration lifecycle, invite stakeholders to provide feedback and foster a collaborative environment for faster product and rate development.

Implementation-Ready Content

Rates, rules and forms services for major AAIS, ISO and NCCI lines. Easy extension capabilities for insurer-proprietary changes. Ongoing delivery of circular/bulletin updates.

What-If Impact Analysis

Perform your state and rate views with the information you need. Modify rates and visualize the changes' impact across various dimensions, then share with your stakeholders for feedback.

Rate Benchmarking

Make informed pricing decisions. Capitalize on market opportunities by pricing accurately and smartly by benchmarking your rates against bureau rates.

Reuse & Extend

New products can be created by assembling coverages from other products. Insurance products are created as if they came off an assembly line.

Configure once, distribute everywhere

Make your insurance products and rates accessible to any distribution partner. Our headless architecture empowers you to meet the ever-increasing demands of your distributors by making any product accessible as a service to any front channel to transact business at the lowest upfront cost.

#Headless Insurance Commerce

A methodology for smart product development

Pre-Built Structures

Each type of rate, rule or form specification has pre-built structures against which product definitions are created. We deliver a methodology for defining products.

Test Case Repository

Product and rating test cases are stored within the test case repository and can be rerun as required to generate detailed traces of every rating element and premiums.

Repository Documentation

We replace paper-based insurance manuals with digital manuals. Product information, including updates, can be retrieved and searched instantly.

Product History

All information about products including changes, the reasons behind each change and the people involved is captured for subsequent review and learning.

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