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Leverage our
enterprise-class services

Unleash the full potential of your business with high-end cloud computing capabilities and enterprise-class technology services.

Consulting services

Architecture, cloud, data, APIs, integrations and lift & shift

In an ever-changing technological landscape, OwlSurance provides a diverse range of services aimed at enhancing business performance, minimizing operational risks and crafting compelling value propositions for insurance companies. With our comprehensive suite of digital services and IT consulting, you can elevate customer experiences, drive revenue growth and maintain competitiveness within your industry. Count on us to be your strategic partner as you navigate the digital transformation journey and achieve long-term success.

Cloud infrastructure managed services

Accelerate digital transformation and business growth with optimized IT infrastructure

Cutting-edge businesses require scalable and agile IT infrastructure to drive effective customer communications, embrace speed to market, and create value in an extremely complex business environment. With OwlSurance’s deep industry experience and technological expertise, we assist insurers in optimizing their IT infrastructure and future-proofing their multi-cloud environments. We help you manage business complexity and efficiently run business-critical applications in the cloud to deliver unmatched business advantage.

Core application services

Implementation, maintenance and integration services for Socotra, ConceptOne and Boost

D365 application services

Implementation, maintenance and integration services for D365 CRM & Financials

With our strong track record of successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementations, we remain focused on delivering tailored CRM systems specifically designed for the global insurance services sector. Our dedicated CRM solution for insurance agents provides a centralized platform that enables efficient client relationship management and fosters increased engagement between clients and brokers. Equipped with robust features, it offers comprehensive monitoring of policies, claims, premiums, renewals and more, delivering unmatched visibility and control for your essential insurance operations.

App dev services

Leverage our 4,500+ team members to scale your execution

Tap into the collective expertise and vast experience of our 4,500+ team members, who pride themselves on the successful delivery of scalable solutions to insurance organizations. Our seasoned professionals provide on-demand services and flexible engagement models for application development to ensure a successful project journey. Through our industry-specific offerings, expert consulting services and deep technical expertise, we collaborate with you to develop a strategy that maximizes your ROI and unleashes the full potential of your technology.

Quality assurance & testing services

Core applications, D365 applications, UI, APIs and integrations

Gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving digital landscape with our advanced Quality Assurance and Testing Services. Our team of QA specialists and insurance industry domain experts can work across channels and value chains to ensure high-quality QA for everything from core systems (policy, claims, billing, rating and forms) to downstream reports, data migration and application testing. Count on us for the superior quality assurance you need to help your organization deliver cutting-edge products and services.

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