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An On-Demand Webinar featuring: Ryder, OwlSurance Verisk ISO & ValueMomentum

Featured Speakers

Sue Tribby

Sr. Director Insurance Product Lines,
Ryder System, Inc.

Mark Sheehan

Vice President, ISO Rating Solutions, Verisk

Abhijeet Jhaveri

Chief Marketing Officer,

Webinar Overview

Property & The insurance arm of Ryder, a leading provider of commercial transportation solutions, was seeking to improve profitability and grow its insurance operations. The company faced the same challenges as many in the insurance sector: legacy products and systems that were not able to support the company’s growth and profitability objectives.

Ryder was able to successfully revamp its insurance operations with the help of OwlSurance Verisk ISO.  Ryder adopted OwlSurance Verisk ISO for its foundational rating information, automated its delivery with OwlSurance Verisk Electronic Rating content (ERC) ™, incorporated additional granular rating data down to the ZIP code level with OwlSurance Verisk ISO Risk Analyzer®, and secured a software platform that supported this new approach.

In this webinar we highlighted how Ryder benefited leveraging our platform:

  • Automated its consumption of ISO rating data
  • Refreshed its commercial auto offering with a new OwlSurance Verisk ISO-based product
  • Realized the benefits of staying current with ISO updates
  • Achieved growth and profitability goals with new automation and technology