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An On-Demand Webinar featuring: Novarica, OwlSurance Verisk ISOand ValueMomentum

Featured Speakers

Karlyn T. Carnahan

Principal, Novarica

Christopher Longano

ISO Rating Solutions

Anant Iyer

Chief Product Officer, ValueMomentum

Webinar Overview

Learn how next generation rating software as OwlSurance Verisk ISO can help carriers launch an ISO commercial line and streamline the process of handling ISO circulars with ISO Electronic Rating Content.

Maintaining rates, rules, and forms is complex and labor intensive. While ISO provided information is extremely valuable to carriers, the process typically used within insurance companies is manual, involves a large number of functional areas, and is generally inefficient.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Options available to Carriers for launching ISO lines and for streamlining the process of handling ISO circulars
  • How OwlSurance Verisk ISO Electronic Rating Content (ERC)™ supports a Carrier’s goals of reducing risk & premium leakage, improving accuracy, lowering ISO content maintenance costs, staying current with ISO updates and improving speed-to-market
  • Next generation rating solutions with out-of-the box rating for ISO, rich collaborative tools to easily and quickly make rate and rule changes without coding and see the impact of the changes, assurance of getting rating specifications and interpreted directly by ISO and delivered electronically.